Should I buy Compression Socks?

I've wanted to try compression socks for a long time now but have not wanted to fork out the $60-$100 to purchase them.

Fortunately there's a new company on the block called tiux who are looking to make the socks more affordable, as well as a more supportive. They were kind enough to send me a trial pair to use and abuse.

Compression socks are one of those articles of clothing that some runners swear by and others shrug. In theory, they improve your race performance, speed recovery, and ward off injuries.

My calves are often tight -- stretching and foam rolling help, but after long runs they are be sore and achy.

What Are Compression Socks?

Compression socks provide support and aid blood circulation by adding pressure to the lower leg and the foot.

They can come in many different shapes and styles. Some styles include the foot as part of the compression. These are often called compression socks. Others do not have anything below the ankle and are often referred to as compression sleeves.

Benefits Of Compression Socks For Runners

Compression socks were originally intended to treat circulatory problems such as thrombosis or varicose veins.

For athletes,

Chafing, Rubbing, and Stinky Feet Remedies

I have a confession to make: my skin rubs raw and my shit really does stink.

When summer comes to Michigan, which it finally has with a vengeance, my body begins to show signs of the heat.

My shoes smell like a squirrel died inside. My feet rub raw in all the wrong places, especially while wearing VFF. The inside of my thighs, where the shorts lining meets skin, begin to eat away at that tender skin on longer runs.

A million ailments, what's a man to do?

Fortunately, Alex from Rocket Pure sent along some products for me to try out. These have been sitting on my shelf patiently waiting for summer to fully bloom.

So let's dig in, looking at not only Rocket Pure products, but others I use to help your hurdle that summertime sadness.

My Shoes/VFF/Feet stink

First, if your feet themselves stink when you're done running, I see no need for any sprays. Just go shower yourself you dirty bum. Shoes however are not so easily cleansed.

After 5 runs, a clean pair of VFF smell like an open sewer. If you're wearing sneakers with socks, it may a bit longer to reach

Consistency causes Running breakthroughs

pond sunset

I'm amazed at the break throughs that people can realize. There are a few folks I run with every few months. One month they will be on par or slower than I am in a track workout. A few months later, I see their back slowly stretch away from me.

At first it's frustrating and baffling. I haven't been lolly gagging, I've been running and staying healthy. So how could they improve so much, so quickly?

Only after speaking with them do things become clear. They haven't run some momentous workout which imbued them with the ability to run like the wind. No -- instead they've simply been running consistently, and at a higher mileage. 60 miles per week, with a few quality workouts a week, coupled with no injuries does amazing things for the amateur runner.

Consistency in training is the single most important thing that leads to success. That consistency comes from concentrating on the task at hand - neither dwelling on the past nor looking too far forward. The only thing you can control is the present, and when you focus on that and remain consistent

People Power - the power of others

I awoke at 5am to the sound of rain.

Normally that's a peaceful sound to wake up to. Then I realized why I had woken up: my alarm was buzzing, it was time to run.

Out of bed, into shorts & VFF, and through the door I ghosted into warm, wet darkness.

A 10 minute jog later, I was meeting 3 other runners on the corner of a desolate street. A quick hello, then we set off for an hours run through the lingering blackness.

I tell myself that I would have gotten up and out the door no matter what. A smarter part of me knows that instead I would have turned the alarm off and gone back to sleep.

Having a group of people who I was accountable gave me a boost of willpower.

That is the amazing power of people. A sense of social obligation and accountability, that people are depending on you to be where you said you'd be, and do what you said you'd do.

Embracing accountability can really help you stick to your goals.

Exercise, especially running, can be very social.

Make it social. Many people ignore the social aspect of exercise, maybe because

RunForth - a sport activity tracker

The blog has been quiet lately, but with good reason. Since early February I've been creating an iOS application for my favorite runner/sport log,

As of now, it's available in the Apple app store and is called "RunForth"!

RunForth tracks your runs, walks, bike rides and all of your other fitness activities using the GPS in your iPhone -- by complementing and syncing to it provides a vast wealth of training knowledge at your fingertips.

One of the most exciting aspects of getting the initial version of the application live is that I'm now able to circle back and work on all an awesome set of features. Which will improve the use of the application dramatically.

My goal is to create a powerful but simple app that uses the power of RunningAHEAD to open up everyone to advanced exercise data.


  • GPS based recording of any outdoor activity
  • Manual logging of any type of workout: Add running, biking & weight lifting workouts
  • Keep track of equipment (shoes, bikes, etc.) to determine when they need replacement or service
  • Track repeated activities on the same course for comparison across time

All workouts are saved directly onto your